Find out what parents think of our Workshops:


'Thanks for a great term, Declan loved it'!

- L.King, March 2015


'My daughter loved attending these workshops. Each week I could see that she was inspired by what she had learnt.  She started doing meditations and writing positive little notes to herself. All in all I felt that she was given a positive framework on which to see herself. It has had a great impact on her self esteem'.

- A. Keady, April 2015.


'My 9 year old daughter has been attending Inspired Kids for one term. In that time we have seen our daughter thrive in an environment in which she feels very accepted and able to express herself in a safe and caring environment. The program touches on excellent topics such as mindfulness, stress and anxiety etc but what we have found beneficial is the program is flexible and adapts to the needs of the children. Children can raise ideas on topics that are relevant to themselves at the time. Classes are presented in a fun way, often involving craft , something which my daughter enjoys. I have found that she is communicating and expressing her concerns more and we are able to discuss them and work out action plans and ways to deal with the situation, rather than her getting upset and anxious. She is a lot more positive. She is enjoying the friendships that she has made within this wonderful group. We are so pleased we enrolled our daughter in this program and see it as something that will grow with her as she grows'.

- A. Weekes, June 2015