We are now bringing Inspired Kids to your house! The popularity and positive outcomes achieved by the inspired kids that attend our workshops, motivated us to want to bring these concepts and activities to a broader range of kids and families. We are now offering kids' parties games, activities and even facilitation (suitable for ages 5 - 11)!

Why not make your child’s party both fun & inspirational?

We have two fun, educational & affordable packages available:


We will provide all the games and activities required for the family to run the session themselves. This includes up to approximately one hour’s worth of cool activities, instructions and all necessary materials. We can tailor this to the age group and needs of your child and their friends. Just a few of our many examples are:

  • Stuck in the mud & lotus flower – a fun & thought provoking twist on the popular ‘stuck in the mud’ game which also includes making their very own lotus flower.

  • Mindfulness games – kids get to learn all about and practice mindfulness without even realising it! We have a wide range of games, including ‘concentration station’ (teaching the ability to delay gratification using party foods), breathing exercises (with fun props) and guessing games using the senses of smell, hearing, taste & touch.

  • Find your star & be a star – treasure hunt games designed to help children develop positive mindsets about themselves, as well as imagery & self-talk.

We can arrange to send these materials to your house the day before the party, so you have time to read and understand the information.


As per the above, however, a member of our team will also attend the party in order to facilitate the activities. One and half hours will be required for set up, running the activity and clearing away.

Contact us at to find out more and to allow us to design the best package to suit your needs.