('Hand catching FAQ' image by Stuart Miles)   

                                                                                                                                   ('Hand catching FAQ' image by Stuart Miles)


Why did we start *Inspired Kids Australia* and why do we do what we do? 

We are passionate about kids and passionate about  their mental health and well being. We want children to be happy, confident and resilient individuals. We aim to give them the tools to cope with life's ups and downs now and in the future.

What ages are the workshops suited to?

Our workshops are for children 6-11 years old.

How much do the workshops cost and what does this cover?

The cost of the workshops is $250 for one whole term of weekly sessions. This covers the sessions themselves, staff, insurance and venue costs. Your child will sometimes also recieve hand outs and things to try free of charge. On occasions your child may be asked to bring in something to the sessions such as a notebook, cardboard or a box but these will only be low cost items.

Where are the sessions held?

At this stage the sessions are held at Castle Grand Community Centre in Castle Hill. Which is conveniently located below Castle Hill Library and across the road from Castle Towers Shops. Free parking is available.

 Will you be expanding to other times and different areas?

We would love to expand to different areas and perhaps different days and times.  If we have enough interest then we hope to do so in the near future.

How long is each session?

The sessions run for approximately 50 minutes to an hour. 

Do parents attend the sessions?

The sessions themselves are for the children to attend only. Normally the parents/caregivers bring their child to the room, get them settled, then spend the time at the library (one level up) or shops (across the road) whilst their child attends the session. The beauty of this central location is that there are lots of places to go while your child/ren attend the workshops, perhaps even get some shopping done! We do however keep parents/caregivers updated on what we are covering in our sessions through our Facebook page and by email.

How do I enrol and pay?

You can download an enrolment form from this website by clicking on the ENROL tab. The form can then be emailed or mailed back to us, whichever you would prefer. Please understand that we must have your child's completed enrolment form in order for them to attend our sessions. 

How can I keep up to date with what my children is doing in each sessions?

To keep up to date please like and follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Inspiredkidsaustralia. Each week we post a short summary of what we did that week, including some photos, what's coming up next week and if the children need to bring anything with them to the next session. Another way that we keep parents/caregivers in the loop is through email.

Are the workshops ongoing or just for one term?

These workshops are ongoing. The reason why we divide them up into terms is for the purpose of the venue hiring procedures and to follow along with school terms. 

Do children have any input into the program and how can they get involved?

We like to get to know each and every child for who they are. Their likes and dislikes, hobbies and any sports that they do. We invite each child to bring in something that is special to them to share with the group each session. This assists them to be comfortable in the group and it shows them that they are a valued and respected individual in our special group. We also involve the children in deciding what they would each like to cover in each term's program.  We try to base as much of our programs as possible on the children's interests. 

Another way the children can get involved is by having a look at the handouts they receive from us and sharing their own creations with the group. For example if they have drawn a picture we are happy to photocopy that picture and hand it out to the rest of the group to colour in. If they have made a diorama, a block tower, a lego creation etc we would love to see it in person or in a photo. 

Annie, group leader and co-founder creates her own mandala designs, these designs are black and white large patterns which when coloured in, encourages the person to slow down, calm down and feel at peace. These are handed out to the children to colour at their leisure and take home to use. It's a great activity to do before bed, when they are stressed, or if they can't sleep. 

Children are also invited to share their creations as a photo on this website and they will soon be invited to join our online forum where they get to chat to others in the group including staff and each other, to give and receive advice. 

Do you run school holiday workshops or after school workshops? 

At the moment we do not run school holiday workshops or after school ones but we certainly hope to in the future.