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Thanks for checking out our page! We are: 

Marika: a clinical neuropsychologist, writer, blogger and aunty, and; 

Annie: an early childhood educator, writer, blogger, runner of playgroups, and mother.

Our Mission: to foster every child in the world's inherent sense of wonderment, worthiness and wholeness.

How: by creating a series of workshops for kids, opportunities for online and in-person learning and sharing for kids and their parents / guardians / other adults who interact with kids.

Our Passion: We feel that childhood should be a time of learning, exploring, growing and playing in a fun and supported way. Children have a natural inclination to be curious and playful, loving and happy. This natural inclination doesn't always get a chance to be fully celebrated and realised as they navigate things like school, a high-tech, information rich world, homework, friendships changing, being challenged and possibly bullied, as well as having hard-working parents or guardians who are often time poor and stressed and teachers who have more and more content to try and teach in a 9am -3pm day.

We believe that inside each child is limitless potential. Just ask a four year old what they want to be when the grow up - the sky's the limit, a rock star, astronaut, their favourite super hero. By primary school many children are starting to make choices that are more 'realistic' as societal pressures and messages from peers as well as adults change what they believe to be possible. 

Research shows that creativity, resilience and problem solving skills are more important than IQ in predicting future success. We believe that both skills are important, but that there are fewer opportunities for children to develop their 'soft skills' compared to their IQ/academic skills. So we want to change that!

We want to develop and celebrate each child's natural ability to be: 

Present: totally in the moment

Which as adults we try to re-learn through meditation & mindfulness

Creative & and able to visualise: the imagination of young children is awe inspiring and they can imagine themselves in a multitude of scenarios they've never even experienced

Lots of research shows that success is strongly linked to the ability to be creative and visualise success or whatever you want to achieve

Confident: if another child puts them down, they will usually tend to ignore them, brush it off or find someone else to play with, or possibly have a little tanty, but generally not take it too personally.

Whereas many older children and adults spend lots of time in self-doubt, worrying about other's opinions.

Limitless: ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up and you'll hear things like astronaut, firefighter and famous dancer.

No adult-like worry about their abilities, whether it's logical or will make them enough money...

Unfortunately as they mature, the world often gradually robs kids of these inherent gifts, and over time they buy into the adult-world's less positive and uplifting messages (fears and prejudices). 

That's where we come in. We provide training, have conversations and share information on ways to foster the imagination and wonderment of young children and help them to continue to believe in themselves, believe in possibilities and even to believe in miracles.





















' All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.   '- Walt Disney      

'All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.'- Walt Disney 


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Our mission: with the Inspired Kids Community is to foster every child in the world’s inherent sense of wonderment, worthiness & wholeness.

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