celebrating & supporting happy, Resilient, creative kids

MINDFULNESS           Reach for the stars & be the best version of you!


Reach for the stars & be the best version of you!

CREATIVITY                                                Dream Big!                    


Dream Big! 


                               FUN                         Support each other and have fun. 



Support each other and have fun. 

Welcome to Inspired Kids Australia!

We developed Inspired Kids Australia to give primary school aged kids the space, activities, motivation & support to help ensure they can deal with the world and everything the world throws at them with resilience, positivity, and in a way that feels authentic for them.   

Do you remember when you were four? You probably spent a lot of your day pretending you were a fireman, pilot, prima ballerina or a famous singer. The world was full of possibilities to explore. The sky was the limit! You were likely very happy to chat to anyone around you about your hopes and dreams. You were probably quite trusting and positive, and open to loving and being loved by most people in your life. Fast forward to 9 or 10 and you were probably more limited in your beliefs, a little more cautious about who you would open up to and probably beginning to develop some biases towards certain people or groups. A bit of fear about the future may have been creeping in. Fast forward 20 or 30 years and this is likely to have continued and intensified. 

Is this the way it needs to be? We don't think so! We'd like to create a world where children retain that sense of wonder, possibility, open mindedness and even a bit of silliness! We want to foster their 4 year old-ness, while also providing them with the skills to face those challenges that are likely to come their way with calmness and resilience.

We are a clinical neuropsychologist and an early childhood educator, writer, blogger, runner of playgroup and mother. We work and play with kids pretty much everyday and are constantly inspired by them. Our mission with Inspired Kids Australia is to foster every child in the world's inherent sense of wonderment, worthiness & wholeness. 

As well as running workshops for kids, we have created a series of opportunities for online and in-person learning & sharing for both kids and adults. We'd like to have conversations, share information and provide training on ways to foster the imagination and wonderment of young children and help them to continue to believe in themselves, believe in possibilities and even to believe in miracles.                                                   

 Let's get excited, to be inspired!



'heart apple' image by Claire Bloomfield                                          'dream girl cartoon', by photoraidz                                                              'little girls playing together' by Stock images